Camryn’s yoga journey began in 2012, while she was living in New York City and exploring her newfound freedom and life after college (she holds a BS in Hospitality Administration from Boston University). Over the following decade, she returned time and time again to the mat while exploring the twists and turns of life. Yoga became for her a way to reset, rejuvenate, and to step back into her power.

In 2021, after some unforgettable adventures living in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara, she returned to her hometown of San Diego and enrolled in Yoga One’s Summer Intensive Yoga Teaching Training program. This was her leap of faith moving from her “I-need-to-prove-myself-as-an-adult career” to her passion career. The experience was overwhelmingly beautiful; she fell in love with learning and teaching about the mind, body, and spirit and how to deepen connection. Empowering others to be and to feel healthy, strong, and connected is what brings her joy today.

A central tenet of Camryn’s yoga practice and classes is Adhikara, which from Sanskrit translates to “Studentship.” It means to remain ever open-minded and open-hearted; to be always learning and growing. Camryn’s yoga classes explore yogic philosophy through engagement with breath and the asanas. Her teaching focuses on integrating healthy joint, kinetic, and energetic alignment.