Level 1:
Beginner Friendly

Level 1 & 2:
Beginner Friendly, with some challenging options for Continuing Students

Level 2:
Geared toward Continuing Students

Level 2 & 3:
For Regular or Experienced Practitioners

Please let your instructor know if you have injuries. Thank you.


Yoga One Flow classes synchronize strength, flexibility and skillful movement with breath and present moment awareness. Enjoy moving and breathing in unique, thoughtful sequences (varying by class) that include sun salutations, standing, seated and reclined poses. Inversions and arm balances may be taught with detailed stages for each level of student. Mindfulness within and between the poses is encouraged throughout the practice. Our knowledgeable instructors provide options to adapt the practice to your individual needs.

Vinyasa Flow

Includes sun salutations and a wide range of poses led by breath. Vinyasa classes move at a slightly faster, more athletic pace than our Flow classes. Enjoy strong yet mindful movement, cultivating strength, balance, flexibility and vitality, followed by deep relaxation. Postures and sequences vary with each class to help students learn, grow and be present – arm balances and inversions may be taught with detailed stages for each level of student. Come invigorate, breathe, sweat and flow!

Yoga for Backs

Yoga for Backs classes are thoughtfully designed to support spinal health, including lower back, mid-upper back, neck and shoulders. These classes are also great for beginners who seek a slower pace and detailed alignment. Students will develop strength, mobility and skillful movement paired with breath and present moment awareness. Pose modifications (options and variations) will be provided to support each student.


Enjoy a gentle (gravity assisted, typically supine) style of yoga that involves long (5-15 minutes), passive holds in a series of restful poses. It is a wonderful complement to an active yoga practice and stands alone as a proven therapy for chronic stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, trauma related to physical injuries, and other ailments. Poses are designed to release deep-rooted physical and mental tension, often with the support of blankets and blocks. Students are encouraged to bring warmer layers of clothing (including socks) as the body naturally cools when resting.


Gentle yoga classes are great for brand new beginners and continuing students. A wide variety of postures (which vary by class) will be offered via in-depth instruction, including breath techniques. Newer students find this Gentle yoga builds confidence and familiarity. More experienced students appreciate a slower pace in order to refine skillful alignment and awareness. You will develop strength, flexibility and mindfulness. Pose modifications (options and variations) will be provided to support each student. Please note, these classes do not include fast-paced sun salutations and vinyasa style transitions.


Suitable for all levels, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular yang styles of yoga. In the practice of yin yoga, we hold postures for 3 to 10 minutes to target the connective tissues of the body, which have less blood flow and are accessed when the surrounding muscles relax.

Props are encouraged in order to gradually find more depth in each pose. Each student organically modifies their posture to feel a broad sensation over the target area. The longer holds allow the body to gradually deepen into the posture and sensation. Enjoy stillness within poses as we stimulate and lubricate our fascia, ligaments, and joints.

Core + Strength

Strengthen and condition the whole body! Increase core, glute and overall tone / power / endurance. Options for all levels. This class incorporates static and dynamic movements to complement your yoga.


Yoga One Stretch classes focus on flexibility, mobility and skillful movement. Our knowledgeable instructors provide options to adapt each session to your individual needs. Join us for Sunday Stretch classes and set yourself up for increased physicality, circulation, range of motion and decreased tension and potential injury.