“I have always been inspired by your relationship both professionally and personally. I appreciate the way you two carry yourselves on all levels and mat and I hope to embody your real, fun, and honest way of living as well.”

Olivia C.

I love you guys. Thank you for accepting me into the community and supporting me along the way. I will miss your faces SO MUCH!!! Lise K.

Yoga One Student

The Yoga One instructors make a profound difference in my day.

Christine N. – SDG&E

“We are also grateful for the health, wellbeing and happiness that your bring to all of us!”

– C.H., San Diego Gas & Electric

Hi Yoga One. You are my favorite studio. Love you guys. Thanks!


Thank you for supporting me in my lifelong yoga learning journey I will never forget those months together. it was an awesome experience.

Melissa P.

I’m grateful for the work you both do in the world, and in San Diego.  

Cathy C.

Michael and Amy, I love you and always will. Every yoga class I attend, I think of all you’ve taught me, including most importantly, that every day is a new opportunity to be the person I want to be in the world. Thank you for being you. Namaste.


Little did I know how much Yoga One would change my life for the better! Thank you!!!

Laura M.

It was amazing to experience Yoga One with you and your Virago of a wife. That was one of the most centering experiences of my entire life. I don’t think my mind has ever been so quiet and I have yet to see [my friend who was with me] so relaxed! I could even hear […]


I think Amy and Michael are amazing teachers (I love love observing Amy’s asanas because they are always so beautiful and strong, and motivate me) …students can connect with and trust them instantly. And the spirituality of yoga is engraved in the atmosphere of the studio. It is welcoming – I feel this is one […]


Thank you so much for being the “mom & dad” to such a wonderful yoga community. I’m grateful to have found a yoga teacher training with such heart, depth of knowledge and integrity. I certainly did not know that I should be looking for that.




He was super nervous and hesitant to come, but he’s done 2 drop ins. He’s noticing a physical and mental difference. He bought the 10 pack and said “I can do that, I spend more on drinks!”

-E.D.L.R., Yoga One new student

I am happy that I found such a beautiful Studio and appreciate the welcoming nature of your teachers.


As I’m sure it is for most people who visit the studio, I’ve had only positive experiences with the instructors from Yoga One. I love your studio; you guys are making rad things happen!


I will say it again – you guys are awesome!

Jennifer You

I wanted to let you know that I took Amy’s class today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your studio is beautiful and extremely welcoming and Amy is a fabulous teacher!

Tonia Kendall

Hey Yoga One, So happy you exist! Michael, we (the kay/ticho/Fraijo clan) joyfully marveled at your class over an OJ. The ease, lightness & asana choices so perfectly meeting requested class needs. “Whose shoulders are happy now??? (Mine are!)” If you are interested in unrequested feedback, inspired by how great the class experience was for […]

Kristina Fraijo

Jennifer is very knowledgeable and great at coaching, modification suggestions, adjustments, etc… I benefited from the Ashtanga first series poses she works into the Thursday a.m. class.

Chris Metcalf

Your studio’s the best. Never unsatisfied; always thrilled after classes. Thanks again.

Ryan Allmandinger

I am blessed you have honored me by your kindness and guidance. To this day I remain inspired by your grace and sweet care towards those around you. The memory of your touch during the training has stayed with me and I use your CD whenever I need to draw upon your grace, and in […]

Krista Ford

Hi guys, I’m pretty excited (and strangely fearful!) about the teacher training course. I really feel Amy and Diana’s energy are exactly what can work for me. Amy, thank you for you loving and sweet and safe energy. It is very genuine, and I really appreciate it. 🙂

Silvia Corona

Hi Michael and Amy! Thank you so much for the workshop on Sunday! It was yummy! I was really worried about my shoulder and also whether I could “keep up” since I’m so out of yoga practice. Quite to the contrary, Diana showed me how to position my arm properly so that it just plain […]

Summer King

I enjoyed the prenatal yoga class very much…the studio is super clean and sunny which is great.

Leslie Billera

You guys rock! Thank YOU for your continued support and inspiration. I’m so grateful that Yoga One and the two of you are in my life:) Blessings and love.

Nicole Schwander

I feel so lucky to have you all in my life. The studio is like my second home and you guys are my family! I’m so grateful!!

April Mitchell

I thank YOU for running such a cool studio. It is easy to speak highly of an organization as high-quality as yours and Amy’s. I look forward to the class as my one means of peace in an otherwise chaotic universe. Cheers.

Jim King

The lessons were great! We went in skeptical and came out happy and relaxed.

Vanessa Goenaga

I really love your instructors, you have built a wonderful company with a positive message, and of course, I would be miserable without class!

Rahima Clevers

Thank you for all the wonderful yoga. I think of your studio like a temple – not just exercise – it is a way of life.

Kristen Tobianson

I just wanted let you both know how life changing and inspiring the Yoga One Studio has been, is and will continue to be for me.

Terrie Tompkins