Abby’s yoga journey began in 2015 when she was searching for recovery to balance out her active lifestyle. She was a competitive swimmer and runner at the time and her body was in need of a recharge. As her yoga practice deepened, she was pleasantly surprised that the healing properties of yoga expand far beyond the physical benefits. Over time, her yoga practice has evolved to a practice of self acceptance, self allowance, and self empowerment. Her yoga mat has become a safe space, a space where she can allow herself to be as she is, without any judgment. She teaches yoga in hopes to pass this onto each student in her class.

She discovered the Yoga One studio when she moved to San Diego in 2022 and immediately fell in love with the community and atmosphere. Soon after she discovered the studio, she completed Yoga One’s 200 hour teacher training.

Her goal is to empower students to see their yoga mats as a place to move both mindfully and playfully, without any judgment.