With over 10 years of experience, Breanna is a passionate yoga instructor and yoga business coach. She discovered yoga after a college rowing injury and has since taught over 5,000 hours in various settings, including studios, gyms, offices, homes, workshops, and retreats.

Breanna specializes in alignment-focused Vinyasa flow, combining mindful movement with breathwork and hands-on assists. She also shares her expertise in Yin yoga and Reiki for deep release and restoration. Her teaching philosophy centers on yoga as a mindfulness practice that transforms the mind, body, and spirit, cultivating transformation, clarity, and compassion.

Originally from Connecticut, Breanna lived in Denver before moving to San Diego in April 2024. With her blend of expertise, creativity, and heart-centered approach, Breanna’s classes offer an opportunity to explore breath, reflect on the mind through yogic philosophy, and gain a deeper understanding of emotions, minds, and bodies. Her classes promise a transformative and accessible experience for beginners and experienced yogis alike.